We produce jute yarn and twine, of various qualities, spun with great care for Carpets, Tatami Mats, Rugs, and other floor-coverings and for agricultural use. Our yarns replaced the Dundee quality yarn and have been being used in the high-speed CRM, CRT, and CRX looms. We also specialize in producing sized, coated, dyed, and polished yarn/twine as well. All these products can be supplied in different make-up and packing:

Count :
   From 4.8Lbs (NM 6) to 200Lbs (NM 0.15), Single or Plied

Make-up :
   Conical and Parallel Spools: (i) wooden, (ii) plastic, (iii) paper
   Coreless spools

Packing :
   Spools stretch-wrapped on pallets, in trusses, in cartons, as per the choice of the customer

Heat Treatment of wooden pallets is being done to comply with the ISPM15 requirements.